Released July, 2010


Reviews of Freestyle

This book has one of the most wicked villains I have ever read. Not even a mother could love Patty Cannon, the real- life evil slave hunter who chases Mitch through his dreams and threatens his family.
–Frances Scheideler, the author’s mother

The author is very good at weaving tales. It makes me wonder what other stories she has told us…
–Al Scheideler, the author’s father

About Monica S. Baker

Monica BakerMonica S. Baker was born in the San Francisco, California, Bay Area, lived and studied in sunny South America and in the frigid, but stunning upper midwest. She now works out of her home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, which she shares with her husband, three rambunctious teenagers, a hairy dog, a lazy cat, and anything else the cat brings home.

Excerpts from Freestyle

Mitch shut his tired eyes and curled his long fingers over his sheets. The day’s obituaries crinkled under his pillow. “I hate my life.”

DEAD: Mitchell Thomas Burke: Loser, Age 13

The clock ticked to 11:59 P.M. and he inhaled. On his exhale he whispered, “Dear God, please take care of Dad.”
One one thousand, two one thousand…
“And, please let me dream about the meadow.”
…three one thousand, four one thousand…
“I can do what I want there.”
…five one thousand, six one thousand…
At 12:01 A.M., he fell into a deep sleep, which lifted him to the middle of a sparkling summer meadow.

Page from Narrative and Confessions of Lucretia P. Cannon, New York, 1841