I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area to parents from the midwest and the Canadian east coast. Can you say; “seafood casserole?”

When I was in middle-school, we moved to southern Wisconsin for a few years (cheese curds), where I saw snow for the first time. Lots and lots of snow. By highschool, we moved to sunny South America (feijoada – ha! Guess where I lived), where I adored life, but moved back to the frigid but stunning upper midwest for college (dorm food).  Now, I  live in the Washington, D.C. (you name it, we’ve got it) area and work out of my home in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  Delightful as I am, I share my home with my very patient husband, three rambunctious (polite word) teenagers, the way-too hairy dog, lazy cat, and anything else the cat brings home.  I actually really do love my family.

I have always loved a good adventure – to include those in books. Outdoors, indoors, over here, over there – I must admit, I’m a little all over the place when it comes to interests. HOWEVER, I do know what I DON’T like, which I can’t write here because I can’t deal with hate mail!

For over twenty years (I started when I was 5), I worked on wildly fun marketing assignments, which exposed me to exotic places like Cambodia and interesting movements, such as the Underground Railroad.  In 2005, I decided it was time to get serious about a book I started, so I put my consulting cap in the closet in order to concentrate – FOCUS – work on – procrastinate on — FOCUS – work on – does the dog need to go out? – FOCUS – work on – finish – Freestyle, my first novel.  I also started writing issues for the fabulous Science Weekly, the award-winning publication that is read and used in schools across the United States. 

I write whenever I can, and need to do better about keeping my backside in the chair. I love the research process in writing and think that perhaps, I should’ve started writing books earlier in life. But then, I probably wouldn’t have the same stories to tell. Because, boy, do I have some more stories to tell….